IVP by FIGO7 is a sports marketing business that brings together the needs of soccer development with international visibility. This project is lead by the international soccer superstar Luis Figo, who won the Ballon d’Or and was Player of the Year, a former player of the Portugal team for 16 years, of Real Madrid C.F., FC Barcelona, and Inter Milan. We also have a team of highly trained professionals responsible for organizing and carrying out youth major soccer events through strategic partnerships with leading companies and sponsored by major companies linked to sports and business sector. The main purpose of IVP is to elevate the local youth teams with top European Development Programs, bringing know-how, continuous education and proved European Methodologies. This will allow open to the doors of real European competitions for the locally selected teams: Promoting the international visibility of the local teams, local coaches and local youth players in the European marketplace. Also creating the only trusted network to reach the inside of the real soccer world by the hand of modern era soccer legend with outstanding credibility LUIS FIGO.